Will I break-out after a facial?

There is always a possibility. Usually what happens is there may be a lot of congestion under the surface of the skin. The facial will help to draw out the impurities and bring it to the surface. That's where the breakout happens. We offer FREE consultations.

Should I have a facial before my Wedding Day?

Yes, of course you will want to have glowing skin on your big day! You will want to start a skincare program at least 3 months before for your wedding day. A series of facials or microdermabrasions are recommended to guarantee flawless skin for your wedding.

Do I need to wear sunscreen everyday?

Yes! Even if its raining and gloomy out. Sunscreen prevents sunburn and it also helps against damaging rays. 90% of skin damage and wrinkles are caused by the sun. So wear your sunscreen to keep your skin looking young.


How long should the hair be?

Ideally the hair should be 1/4" to 1/2" long.

Do Brazilians hurt?

It is a little uncomfortable the first time. With regular waxing every 3-6 weeks the hair grows back in finer and thinner making waxing more tolerable. Try to refrain from caffeinated drinks before waxing and keep in mind that you will be a little more sensitive around your cycle. lots of clients swear by No Scream cream that you can purchase for $ 25 and apply 45 minutes before your appointment. It takes the edge off.. or sit and have a glass of wine..


How do I prepare for my airbrush tan?

The day of you tan shower, shave or wax, and exfoliate. Do not apply lotions, perfume or deodorant. Wash with a shower gel (No Soap ) Have your manicure and pedicure done before your tan. Avoid perspiration after your tan. Don't exercise till after your first shower.

What should I wear?

What ever is comfortable for you. Some tan in a thong, bikini and bra, underwear, topless, or nothing at all. Bring something loose and dark to leave in so the tan will not transfer on to clothing (t-shirt, sweats, loose dress ,flip flops no underwire bras etc.)

How soon can I shower?

It takes 24 hours for the tan to fully develop. During this time avoid sweating, working out, or getting wet. Most clients sleep in the tan and shower off in the morning. Again no soap. You must use a shower gel that is the same ph of the skin to avoid possibly turning orange. We sell shower gel ..

With the 2hr tan you can shower in as little as 2 hours.

How long will my tan last?

Usually from 7-10 days, depending on your skin and how well you take care of it. Shaving, Jacuzzis and long showers will shorten the life of your tan.

For best results , After you shower always be sure to moisturize to prolong your tan. Hydrated skin will maintain your glowing tan.

I have a wedding/big event but I am nervous about the tan. What should I do?

Come in a few weeks ahead of time and do a trial run. That way you can see how long it lasts, how you like the color (weather we need to adjust it lighter or darker), and how it will react with your skin. We offer FREE consultations and sample tans.